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This site is about Roller derby in New Zealand.
Find a league near you or form one, where to buy skates, events and more to come... Please contribute to the content of this site by telling us what you would like us to tell.

There is something addictive about Roller derby
Is it the exhilaration of skating? Is it the thrill of competing? Is it the funky dressups? Is it the acceptance of all forms and shapes? Or is it the tough yet sexy side of derby that attracts women of all ages and abilities and hooks them up?

Well maybe but not only. Men are increasingly getting into the sport and the 1st Men's Roller Derby World Cup (17 nations) took place in the US in March.

If you're already a good skater, don't hesitate a minute and give it a go. I bet before long, you'll be hooked (in a good healthy way). If you're new at skating, most leagues will train you but if you have skating classes available in your area, it's an excellent way to get you to an appropriate level first.

If you'd like a gentler version of the sport, have a go at Low Contact Roller derby. There are a few leagues in the world and only one is NZ at this stage (Wellington Upper Hutt).

Men's Roller derby is growing too. The 1st Wold Cup is happening next year in the UK. 14-16th March 2014, Birmingham, UK.

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