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Dunedin Derby

Formed in March 2010 by Joan Jettison
Teams: Dunedin Derby is currently made up of about 30 skaters, with 15 of those skaters making up our first bout team, the "Gallow Lasses".
The Gallow Lasses play against the Otautahi Allstars on 29 October

Learn to skate (open to all interested skaters), Monday 6.30-8pm at the Sport Otago carpark.

Where do you train, what kind of floor and space?
We train at the Edgar Centre, which has large wooden courts. They recently let us set up a taped track (which we can leave down for the next few months) on one of the floors, hooray! We also do some outside skating on concrete courts.

How do you proceed for people who have never skated before?
We have 'learn to skate' classes that focus on basic skating skills.
Once skaters are comfortable on their wheels, we get them into freshmeat to start learning derby skills.

How often do you train?
The league generally trains three times a week, with additional team training/off skate/learn to skate trainings as well. If you went to every training session you would be skating 5 times a week - but that's not compulsory!

Do you have refs in your area?
Yes we have some fantastic refs, lead by Bear! We are keen to talk to anyone interested in becoming a ref :)

Why do you love derby?
Derby is our life, heart and soul. Derby is a place where we can be ourselves - we're not someone's girlfriend/wife/boss/employee/mother.
We skate hard, look out for one another and have a lot of laughs too.
I don't know what we would do without derby!

What are your goals for 2011?
Our first skaters sat their minimum skills midway through 2011. In September, we welcomed another round of wonderful freshmeat to the league. Our first bout is in October, and we are currently setting up more bouts for next year - bring it on!!!

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