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Cannibal hyper
Cannibal Hyper 95 and 97A - 62mm
Width: 38mm (contact) - 40mm (manufacturer)
concrete not tested - wood 6 - tiles 6

Although the Cannibal is recommended for wood, its performance was the poorest there. The second I put my foot on the ground, I felt it and it only got worse as I was testing further. I felt very conscious of the lack of grip during crossovers, weaving and jumping/stepping on the side.

It performed a tiny bit better on tiles. I didn't try on concrete. Probably due to their hardness (95 and 97A), they were not grippy at all on wood, to the point of skidding sideways without even pushing hard. They are to me very uncomfortable and don't allow you to do well what you know you can do.

On each account tested, it only scored 1 or 2, never 3.

I won't put a link to buy it as I do not recommend it at all.


Cannibal Hyper




SureGrip Fugitive
SureGrip Fugitive 93A - 62mm
Width: 36mm (contact) - 40mm (manufacturer)
iconcrete 12 - wood 12.5 - tiles 11

The Fugitive 93A is also recommended for wood but although much better than the Cannibal, it didn't rate as high as the next 2. It was not a sure grip for me! I didn't dislike it but didn't like it either. It didn't allow me to push hard or jump step to the side without a little fear that they wouldn’t handle it. It scored the same on tiles, an ok wheel that won't allow you secure strong moves.

I wouldn’t have chosen this brand name if I were the manufacturer. They're ok but they're surely less grippy than the Radar ladies. On fast crossovers I could feel a lack of grip and I even felt it more during fast weaving, it was actually skidding every now and then. No anchoring sensation but not a bad wheel, just not good enough if you compare it to the 2 Radars.

No anchoring sensation during weaving on wood neither, I couldn't push as as I wanted on fast crossovers, forward and backward. Jumping stepping on the side was not as good either. For all slower situations, it is perfectly fine.much as I wanted on fast crossovers, forward and backward. Jumping stepping on the side was not as
good either. For all slower situations, it is perfectly fine.

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Radar Flat Outrageous
Radar Flat outrageous 88A - 62mm
Width: 33mm (contact) - 37mm (manufacturer)
concrete 15.5 - wood 14 -tiles 16

The Flat Outrageous 88A is a very good wheel for its price. It followed the performance of the Mojo very closely. It's light and grippy, I liked the nylon hub which allows for easier removal and placement of bearings. It responds very well to going backward. I felt very confident that they could handle most situations.

Very similar to the Mojo on most accounts, except for the weaving where you feel less anchored. It didn't affect at all the way I was weaving though, it was simply a difference in sensation. Other than that, I loved this wheel and a combination of Mojo and Flat outrageous works very well too.

I missed the ‘anchoring’ feeling going fast on wood and I didn't feel as bullet proof as with the Mojo on Crossovers, hopping side step actions but this wheel felt great backward, light and fast, really comfortable.

Nice performance, see Mojo on concrete. So if budget matters, this is the one I would buy.

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Radar Mojo
Radar Mojo 88A - 35mm - 62mm
Width: 34mm (contact) - 38mm (manufacturer)
concrete16.5 - wood 17 - tiles 17

The Mojo 88A, the queen. She's a beauty. I couldn't fault it, it's grippy, solid, gives you a nice sensation of being anchored to the ground. It could handle any strong movements I was trying. It's the only time I felt I could really push on my inside leg during crossovers as much as I wanted, especially on wood. The only time I felt a bit awkward on Mojos was going backward. I became aware of their heaviness and I was not as smooth and swift as on Flat outrageous. But since we don't go backward very often in derby, it's probably not a big deal. The metal hub can be slightly annoying when replacing bearings but it may also be responsible for the "anchoring" as the wheel is heavier because of it.

The Mojo feels very anchored to the ground. When I tried them it felt like when I first drove my all wheel drive Subaru. A feeling of staying on the ground no matter how fast you go, how sharp you turn. Weaving was excellent too. Having a Mojo on the inside back wheels during weaving, especially during fast sharp turns is quite amazing. You definitely feel the difference if you put a wheel of lesser quality there instead.

Don't ask me why it's not stated by the manufacturer that this wheel is suited to wood because it is. It was brilliant on wood, all the things said above were even more true on wood. I went as fast as I could in this not too big school hall and I stayed attached to the ground at every corner. It was actually the 1st time I felt I could push my inside leg during crossovers as strongly as I wanted. Great feeling!

All the observations above were equally true on smooth concrete and the differences between the Mojo and Flat Outrageous were minimal. They both felt quite similar, a half point difference was noted in strong crossovers and another half in weaving, very small difference in performance. So if budget is not a problem, this is the one I would buy out the previous 4.

Radar Mojo








Atom Pulse 78A
Atom Pulse 78A - 62mm
Width: 37mm (manufaturer)

concrete 17 - wood not tested - tiles not tested

The Outdoor Atom Pulse 78A. I tried these wheels on smooth indoor concrete only. As you would expect, the grip was amazing. I couldn't helping jumping around, up down left right centre knowing that my landings will be safe. I really enjoyed this sensation. Since all the wheels I tested so far have been 86 to 95A, I didn't test their speed because the difference was not noticeable enough. With this wheel I could feel the difference in speed. Unfortunately I was testing during a public session and couldn't test their speed at that time. I will do it though to establish if the gain in grip is worth the loss in speed or not.

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Heartless 86 & 90A
Heartless 33mm - 62mm
Width: 32mm (contact) - 35mm (manufacturer)
concrete 14 - wood 17 - tiles 16.50

Apart from the anchoring sensation that you get from the heaviest wheel like the Mojo, the Heartless felt very similar to the Mojo on tiles. It was more slippery on concrete but the difference may have been because of its higher durametor rating. On wood, it was as good as the Mojo, light, nice and grippy enough. Good wheel overall.

The grippiest is 86A

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Madman 91A
Madman 91A - 39mm - 62mm
Width: 38mm (contact) - 43mm (manufacturer)
concrete 16.5 - wood 17 - tiles not tested

I was expecting lower grip being a 91A compared to the Mojo 88A but this is a very nice wheel up there with the Mojo and Heartless. The nylon hub allows for easy bearing replacement which is nice (compared to the Mojo which annoys the hell out of me with its beautiful looking but very rigid hub). The Madman's wider profile may very well make up for its higher hardness (humm sounds sexy !!)

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Radar Energy 78A
Radar Energy 78A - 28mm - 60mm
Width: 28mm (contact) - 31mm (manufacturer)
concrete 17 - wood 18 - tiles not tested

Now, why on earth would I want to roll on outdoor wheels when I spend nearly all my time indoor on wood, concrete or tiles? Because I had the feeling that I would be satisfied by their performance indoor. And................ my feeling was right.

It has been a real pleasure to test this wheel and the one below (rated and felt the same) on concrete and wood. They both rated hightly in my tests. I had to add one more test though to make sure I was not fooling myself into thinking they may be The One: SPEED TEST

The fair argument here is that Grippier means Slower. So I decided to compare the Heartless to the Energy on a 2 laps sprint. Result: same time. I'm not saying that on a long speed race, the test would say the same, but for short outbursts as needed in derby, there is no difference in speed. My theory here is the speed you may loose on straight lines you gain in corners.

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Radar Phantom 80
Radar Phantom 80A - 40mm - 62mm
Width: 408mm (contact) - 43mm (manufacturer)
concrete not tested- wood 17.5 - tiles not tested

I can't fault those ones on wood. They are hybrid and may be as good outdoor than they are on indoor wooden floor. I haven't tested them outdoor or on concrete yet but I loved them enough to buy myself a set. I'll be skating on those for some time to come.

Radar Wheels Phantom Roller Skate Wheel,Clear,59/80A


Bones Bounce 78A
Bones Bounce 78A - 27mm - 60mm
Width: 28mm (contact) - 33mm (manufacturer)

concrete 17 - wood 18 - tiles not tested

See Radar Energy above.



And the Winner is....

So far, the Winners on concrete are RADAR ENERGY, BOUNCE BONES, ATOM PULSE followed closely by MOJO and MADMAN. But there is a BUT (see below)

The Winners on wood are RADAR ENERGY, BOUNCE BONES followed closely by MOJO, HEARTLESS, MADMAN and RADAR PHANTOM.

The Winners on tiles (I havent tested Bones, Atom pulse and Madman) are MOJO followed closely by HEARTLESS and ENERGY.

The winners Energy and Bones lose a lot of their winners' qualities when the floor is slightly dirty. The dust and particles on the floor and attaching to the wheels make them all of a sudden way less grippy whereas I haven't felt it as much with the Heartless or Mojo. So the conclusion so far is if the floor is squeekly clean, our winners are still it. But who can rely on floors being clean at all time?...





I'm done with test driving for now.

I may do it again in the future.

Happy grippin.... B-Claws





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