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Play hard, crash hard !

Save your arse
I haven't fallen hard on it yet. The only time, my delicate bottom reached the ground was during fall exercises. I always make sure I carefully lower it down and bounce back up as fast as I can in order to avoid that disagreeable encounter between my bones and any hard floor surfaces.

In spite of my extreme caution, I can feel a little pain at times, so I can only imagine how painful it would be to fall in a less contolled manner. Therefore, I decided to give my bum the respect and care it deserves by buying it a pad.

I did a bit of research and read some reviews and found the Crash Pad rated very well for roller derby.

Crash Pad hip bum protection shorts


Crash Pads pants are manufactured in the US. Crash Pads sells this short for $75 US dollars.

Crash Pads says:
The Women’s Derby Short is commonly used for roller derby. The low hip fit and style is popular for many sports and is our only womans specific style. short leg, low hip, low profile, nothing extra. Hip and tailbone coverage at its finest for the agressive woman. This newest Crash pads design comes in the widest size range in our line- XS-2X. 7 sizes!


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