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Pieces of Hate
Fia Fasi Oe?

Bad Jelly the Bitch
JustAss for All
Poison Petal
Skate the Muss
Terror Satana
Hurricane Hori
Solid Sarge
Chick Cheney
Poison Pixie
Perky Nah Nah
Miss Metal Militia
Boom Shakalaka
Evil K’Neevil
Black Panther
Miss Chevus Mynx
Big Mack
Lawless Mess
Tuff Bikkies
Blocktimus Prime

Elle Qaeda

(Pirate City Rollers) – Coach
(Pirate City Rollers) – Assistant Coach

(Pirate City Rollers)
(Swamp City Roller Rats)
(Northland Nightmares)
(Hellmilton Roller Ghouls)
(Pirate City Rollers)
(Pirate City Rollers)
(Pirate City Rollers)
(Northland Nightmares)
(Pirate City Rollers)
(Mount Militia Derby Crew)
(Hellmilton Roller Ghouls)
(Hellmilton Roller Ghouls)
(Dead End Derby)
(Dead End Derby)
(Dead End Derby)
(Pirate City Rollers)
(Dead End Derby)
(Pirate City Rollers)
(Richter City Roller Derby)
(Dead End Derby)

(Pirate City Rollers) – Manager

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