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Northland Nightmares

Formed by Wendy (Silence) Baird
Team: Hell's wives

ATTENTION!!! All women over 18 years old in the Whangarei area!

Like to play hard? Wanna skate hard? Then we want you! Come skate with some freaken great people & get your mean on!

Learn to skate and have fun with us... We are looking for players over 18 to join our league. You don't need to know how to skate... cause you'll learn really fast, you just need the drive to be a team player (oh and and not be a whimp!)



Tuesdays - Thursdays 6.30pm
Freshies Thursdays
Portland Hall

Is there a roller rink in Whangarei?
Sadly there is no dedicated rink in Whangarei – we are lobbying local government to try to get one but hey politics, politics who needs it!!!!

Where do you train, what kind of floor and space?
At the moment we are training at the Portland Recreation centre – we are skating on an old varnished chipboard floor and struggling with cement dust – very slippery but that just makes us better skaters and makes for some spectacular crashes!!!

How do you proceed for people who have never skated before?
We have just set up a training system where newbies/freshies pass the basics (white star) then we progress through yellow star, orange star, green star and then drills and skills – we welcome all levels of skaters even those who have never strapped on 8 wheels!!!

How often do you train?
Twice a week - on Tuesdays (6.30 – 8.30) and Thursdays we start with a public skating session (6.30 – 7.30) then training after that.

Do you have refs in your area?
We are training four Refs at the moment, but we welcome need more – so if you are a guy or a gal and the bashin and crashin may not be for you, you may want to consider being a ref – you need a brain and a good sense of humour we’ll help with the rest!!!

What are your goals for 2011?
We are working on a 2nd team so we can play with ourselves and have exhibition bouts here in Whangarei, also we are going to have a travel team that will be made up of both teams so we can play other leagues. We are always pushing and promoting the wonderful sport of Roller Derby and this goes for 2011 aswell.






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