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10 wheels to the test - Rating here

When it comes to choosing derby wheels, it's all a bit confusing. Too much choice, too much price variation, too many different styles and brands.

Thanks to Trudy (One woman 8 wheels) and Megan (Fat Chops skates), I got to test quite a few wheels. I put my rational analyst hat on and here I went checking how those colorful little beauties performed on tiles, smooth concrete and polyurethaned (a long time ago) wood.

I am a light and agile skater, so this review may not apply to heavier, robust skaters. I hope my observation helps you finding your perfect wheels.
My reviews are totally indepedent from manufacturers or resellers.

Radar Mojo 88A
Radar Flat Outrageous
Sure Grip Fugitive 93A
Canibal Hyper 95 and 97A
Heartless 86 and 90A
Atom Pulse 78A
Madman 91A

Radar Energy 78A
Bones Bounce 78A


I tested those wheels on 3 different floors (tiles, smooth concrete and wood) on 6 accounts. The different wheels didn't have a strong variation in performance during slow stride, running, jumping or stopping actions.

However, they differed greatly on more challenging situations such as fast forward and backward crossovers, slow and fast weaving, stepping/hopping on the side while crossovering, being pushed on the side.

Therefore I tested those wheels on those accounts only and I have heaps to say. If you want to go straight to the point, see scores or straight to the conclusion.

6 accounts with 3 being good, 2 ok and 1 poor.
6 would be the lowest score, 18 the highest.
“A” scales are for hardnesses of Urethane wheels

The lower the number the softer the wheel (More grip with a little less roll)
The higher the number the harder the wheel (A little less grip with more roll)

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More details about those wheels

concrete 16.5 - wood 17 - tiles 17
Flat outrageous:
concrete 15.5 - wood 14 - tiles 16
concrete 12 - wood 12.5 - tiles 11
concrete not tested- wood 6 - tiles 6
concrete 14 - wood 17 - tiles 16.5
Atom Pulse:
concrete 17 - wood and tiles not tested
Madman 91A:
concrete 16.5 - wood 17 - tiles not tested
Radar Energy 78A:
concrete 17 - wood 18 - tiles 16.5
Bounce Bones 78A:
concrete 17 - wood 18 - tiles not tested
Radar Phantom 80A:
concrete not tested- wood 17.5 - tiles not tested

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